Climate 🌳

The onboarding manual to get started in climate 🌳
Climate 🌳
The weight of 10 billion elephants → This is how much CO2e we pump into our atmosphere every single year 🤯

If we don't want our planet to go up in flames, we need to cut our carbon emissions by 2050.

What does it mean?
1. It's a colossal challenge.
2. It's a colossal business opportunity.
3. It's a colossal quest to participate in.

Getting started in climate ain't easy 🤷‍♂️

Here are some helpful resources that have helped me on my journey 🌳

ps: I have a similar collection for energy ⚡️

First Things First

Read these first.

How to Transition Into Climate Tech?

📊 Business & Research

💨 Carbon Removal & Other Greenhouse Gases

Climate Risks

Decarbonization Pathways


Energy Efficiency

Energy Storage


Cool Technologies

Heat Pumps

💪 Personal Climate Action

What can you do on an individual level?

🎙 Podcasts

Helpful Podcasts

My Appearances on Climate-related Podcasts

✍️ Great Writing

VCs & Capital

🤷‍♂️ Other Resources

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