Marketing Consulting That Clicks

Bored of faceless agencies and abstract frameworks? Yeah... me too. That's why I'm offering 2-hour consulting calls where I teach you what I learned the hard way.
Marketing Consulting That Clicks

Hi, my name is Art. I built a couple of businesses and sold one of them.

Marketing was my shtick during all of those.

Now I'm ready to share that shtick with you.


"No One Knows What We Stand For."

The secret of successful brands is this 👇

Building and maintaining a brand is about keeping promises over and over again.

Sounds simple in principle. It's difficult in practice for a variety of reasons:

  • No Positioning: No one knows what your brand stands for
  • No Alignment: Everyone talks differently about your brand
  • No Blueprint: You don't know where to start

If you struggle with brand strategy, then we'll fix this with The Brand Pyramid

After a 2-hour session with me, you will have a tailor-made blueprint for your brand strategy: your customized Brand Pyramid

This is the one-page reference manual every brand can use to keep its promises over and over again.

"I Don't Know How to Name My _____"

If advertising school has taught me anything then it is this 👇

Creativity is not an innate talent. Creativity is a learned process.

A process is like a recipe. You follow the instructions to arrive at the desired outcome.

If you struggle with naming, then I recommend you learn Name Storming.

It's a four-step process that takes you from no clue to a dozen of sticky naming ideas.

This method will get the creative juices pouring out of your brain in no time 🧠

After a 2-hour session with me, you will be equipped to come up with great names for your own projects. Forever and ever.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Why 2-hour calls? 2 hours is enough time to produce actionable results for you.

How much does it cost? €400

What do I get? We will tackle any problem you want to discuss during the call. You keep all the assets we create during this session.

Can I record the session? I will record the session so you can re-watch it afterward.