Name Storming 🌩

Name Storming is a creativity technique, which helps you to come up with great names.

TL;DR: Name Storming is a creativity technique teaching you how to come up with great names.

Case Study:

In 2021, I started a new business.

My challenge:

  • Offering: Selling online courses to teach 'how remote works'
  • Audience: Selling to managers of remote teams (B2B)
  • Hypothesis: B2B customers want to buy from businesses vs. buy from individuals
  • SEO/Keyword: The name had to include the word "remote" since it became synonymous with the type of work I was training.
  • Top-level Domain: I wanted to register a name where I could own a .com domain.

To generate some good options I used the Name Storming technique.

Here's a screenshot of one of my ideation sheets, which eventually led me to arrive at my winning combination 👇

This is a screenshot of the v1.0 of my Name Storming sheet. This course teaches you how to structure your name ideation 💡

After generating 289 idea permutations, one word sprung into my attention: fabric

The term ‘fabric’ was not even in my initial consideration set but once I saw it on the sheet and realized that (a) was available for $12/yr on google domains and (b) looked kick-ass in the browser window.

I was set 🎉

Why fabric?

Fabric is an underlying structure and this is exactly what I wanted to uncover with my business: Identify how remote works (from the inside out).

That’s why it’s remote fabric 🧬

The Micro-Course: Template + 40-minute Tutorial

Learn the Name Storming technique in under an hour + have a ready-to-use templet for your own naming project.

Become a Naming Pro

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