Wien, Wien nur du allein!

Vienna is my hometown. This is a list of recommendations for everyone who comes to visit.

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Art Lapinsch’s ”🇦🇹 Vienna 🍺” List
18 places - Wien, Wien nur du allein! Curated list by @artlapinsch
This is a complete collection of my current pins + notes/commentary.

TL;DR: I'll give you 1-2 recommendations

  • For each section, I'll give you 1-2 must-try recommendations
  • The rest would be recommended if you have (a) more time or (b) are particularly interested in that section

Restaurants 🍛

  1. Bitzinger (map) - Get a Käsekrainer (i.e. sausage filled w/ cheese + dark bread and horseradish). This is the quintessential Viennese fast food 🌭 // If you want to get the 100% authentic experience, then go during late-night hours (between 10pm and midnight) and order an Ottakringer Beer in a can (locals call it a "Sechzehner Blech")
  2. Meissl & Schadn (map) - Best Wiener Schnitzel you'll eat in Vienna. Make a reservation and enjoy the show. Their menu covers the main dishes of Viennese Cuisine.

Coffee ☕️

Viennes coffee house culture is a UNESCO world heritage.

  1. Die Cafetière (map) - Third-wave coffee Vienna-style. Trust me and go there.
  2. Kleines Café (map) - My favorite traditional coffee shop. Tiny, hence, the name "Kleines Kaffee" (= "small coffee shop"). Dink a Wiener Melange - think of it as a Viennese Cappuccino.

Bars 🍷

  1. DonauTechno (map) - My favorite underground bar in Vienna. It's on the backside of Museumsquartier (an area with 20+ galleries). The bar has a built-in sausage stand inside + the windows are soundproof → you really have to look for the entrance ;)
  2. Schikaneder Bar (map) - My second living room. Used to spend sooooo much time in there that I really felt it was my "third place". Bohemian crowd, great vibes + an independent cinema inside.

Beer 🍺

  1. Beerlovers (map) - Largest craft beer store in Europe. Nuf' said 🍻
  2. AmmutsØn Craft Beer Dive  (map) - Craft beers on tap.

Cocktails 🍸

  1. Die Parfümerie (map) - New kids on the block. Bunch of highly-trained bartenders + creative cocktail menu.
  2. The Bank (map) - Welcome to the 1%. It's a cocktail bar and brasserie in the lobby of the Park Hyatt hotel. Completely different vibe but interesting to check it out.


  1. Albertina (map) - World's largest collection of master prints (Impressionists; Picasso; etc.). Amazing curation. Always worth a trip.
  2. Leopold Museum (map) - Great collection of Austrian artists (Klimt; Kokoschka; Schiele; etc.).

Areas to Explore 🗺

In no particular order:

  • Innere Stadt: Historical city center. There's something to see on every corner.
  • Burggasse: Hipster vibes.
  • Freihausviertel: Studenty + artsy.
  • Museumsquartier: Hang out on a summer evening to drink a beer can and enjoy the energy.
  • Donaukanal: Amazing beach bar vibes in summer.
  • Prater + Prater Hauptallee: Former hunting area of the Imperial Family. Now an amusement park + alley for runners and cyclists.