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My Office in a Backpack: 2017 Edition

What I pack in 2017.
My Office in a Backpack: 2017 Edition

Flexibility is one of the largest benefits of working remotely.

Working where and when you want requires a bit of planning. Most of the time I work from home, yet when I leave the house (coffee shop; business trips; work from a remote location) I pack a certain way.

This setup shows what goes into my backpack office.

Essentials for remote work
Essentials for remote work


  • North Face Kaban Backpack - Solid commuter backpack with all the necessary functions (top loader; separately accessible laptop compartment; quick-access pocket for keys/sunglasses/etc.). If you find a deal it might be <$100.
  • Grid-it - Super useful organizer to attach and lock smaller items. Helps to keep the backpack tidy.


  • Passport/Travel Docs - Always keep them handy.
  • Secrid Slimwallet - Best wallet I've owned. H/T Lukas. Slide-out compartment for up to 6 cards (RFID/NFC protection); organizer for bank notes.
  • International SIM cards - Using an empty SD card box to keep them contained.
  • Etymotic ER20 earplugs - Affordable earplugs you can carry on your keychain. Comes in handy in overly loud locations (clubs; bars; etc.) - filters out the bad frequencies and still allows for an enjoyable sound.


  • iPhone 6 - It's served me well over the past years.
  • Lightning Cable - Non-brand charger cable from Amazon marketplace.
  • MacBook Air 13' - Work machine.
  • MacBook charger - The machine needs juice.
  • iPad Mini 2 (WiFi only) - Using it primarily to read. Favorite apps: Kindle for Amazon eBooks; Adobe Reader for PDF; Pocket App for saved articles.
  • Sony MDR 1000X - Over-ear noise-canceling headphones. Bluetooth; ambient sound mode; microphone; built-in battery; great noise-canceling. Most used device besides my phone and computer.
  • Apple headphones - For casual calls.
  • TaoTronics headphones - Simple Bluetooth headphones for sports/fitness.
  • USB Stick - For those rare occasions when you want to transfer something quickly (or without WiFi).


  • Oakley Latch - Durable sunglasses for every occasion.
  • Baseball hat - Sun protection/etc.; one-size-fits-all.
  • Northface Thermoball Jacket - Light zipper jacket with fantastic insulation and great filling.
  • Notebook - Simple notebook for ideas, sketches, etc.
  • Resistance Bands - Looped and non-looped resistance bands. Easy to pack and perfect for workouts when you don't have a gym near you.
  • Ohropax earplugs - Earplugs if you need your quiet (work; sleep; etc.)
  • Ohropax sleeping mask - Great sleeping mask to keep out light during sleep in brighter settings.

Let me know if there are any items you bring in your backpack when working remotely. Useful hints are much appreciated :)

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