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Social Distancing: 100+ Ideas What to Do at Home

Quarantine is boring. Here are 100+ ideas of what you can do at home.
Social Distancing: 100+ Ideas What to Do at Home

Times are tough. All of us have to do our part to get through the Corona Pandemic as good as we can.

Lots of countries ask their citizens to practice Social Distancing and Self-Quarantine to ‘flatten the curve’.

But staying at home doesn’t have to be boring or unproductive.

Please keep yourself and others safe. Enjoy your stay at home.

Social Distancing: 100+ Ideas What to Do at Home

Social Distancing: 100+ Ideas What to Do at Home
Social Distancing: 100+ Ideas What to Do at Home

🚧Here are some alternatives to reading the news:

  1. [Social ☺️] Call your family and tell them you think about them
  2. Call a friend who lives by him-/herself and see how they are doing
  3. Have shared lunch/dinner via video call
  4. Do a happy hour via video call
  5. Go through your contacts and talk to people you wanted to reach out to
  6. [Home 🏡] Clean your apartment/house/room
  7. Go through your clothes/items/etc. and see what you can donate or get rid of
  8. Go through your wardrobe/items/etc. and re-discover forgotten favorites
  9. Rearrange rooms, which don’t quite feel right
  10. Fix broken stuff (change light bulbs; fix broken furniture; etc.)
  11. Tidy up and/or decorate areas of your apartment where it needs improvement
  12. Set up a working area (if your work allows you to work remotely)
  13. Walk through the various rooms and see how many steps it takes to cross the room (smallest steps possible vs. largest steps possible)
  14. Walk through the apartment and see how many steps it takes to cross the entire apartment (smallest steps possible vs. largest steps possible)
  15. Look around and try to notice 10 things you haven’t noticed before
  16. [Mind 💆] Try meditation (mindfulness; mantra; exercise; … whatever works for you)
  17. Mediate 5 days in a row (if/once more experienced)
  18. Learn about 1 philosopher (pick first one that comes to mind) … if none comes to mind, just google
  19. Learn about 3 different philosophies from 3 different regions (Europe; Asia; Middle East; etc.)
  20. Learn about the concept of mental models
  21. Pick 5 mental models and learn about them
  22. Write down the absolutely worst that could happen in the next 3/6/12/24 months
  23. Write down all the things you’ve done/achieved in your life (e.g. graduated; moved to ….; etc.) – [thanks h/t Friedemann]
  24. Write a list of 39 goals/dreams
  25. Read the book you always wanted to read but have pushed off reading
  26. Re-read your favorite book
  27. Search for a blog on 3 topics (1: your hobby; 2: something you want to learn; 3: …. [wildcard])
  28. Setup a blog and write 1 blog post
  29. Write blog posts 5 days in a row
  30. Do an annual review of the previous year/years
  31. Build a positive habit and couple it with something you do every day (e.g. ‘go to the bathroom’ = trigger)
  32. Play a game
  33. Tell a joke
  34. [Health 💪] Notice when you touch your face and commit to saying something stupid every time you do [e.g. trigger: touching your face –> reaction: saying ‘Bingo Bongo’]
  35. Learn about bodyweight exercises
  36. Exercise 5 days in a row
  37. Learn about gymnastics/stretching
  38. Stretch 5 days in a row
  39. Learn about breathing exercises
  40. Exercise breathing 5 days in a row
  41. Go to sleep before 10pm
  42. Wake up before 6am
  43. Take a siesta
  44. Listen to an interview with the sleep scientist
  45. Treat yourself and take a long shower
  46. Challenge yourself and take the shortest shower possible
  47. End a shower with cold water running for 15/30 seconds+
  48. Read about longevity research
  49. Attempt/master handstand (h/t Michi)
  50. Attempt/master walking on your hands
  51. [Food/Cooking 🍲] Cook something very simple (3 ingredients)
  52. Cook something sophisticated
  53. Learn 3 new recipes
  54. Learn about 2 new cuisines
  55. Write down the recipes you know and share with friends (if they are interested)
  56. Drink water and try to notice how it tastes
  57. If you usually drink coffee, try tea
  58. If you usually drink alcohol, don’t drink 5 days in a row
  59. [Ideas 💡] Come up 10 fictional book ideas you’d like to read/write
  60. Come up with 5 movie ideas you would like to see
  61. Write down 10 insights that you have, which are not widely known
  62. Come up with 5 business ideas you could start with $500 in the bank
  63. Come up with 5 improvement ideas for household items/goods
  64. [Work 💻] Learn about GTD
  65. Learn about 5 different productivity systems/frameworks (quora thread)
  66. Find your most productive hours and see if you can adapt your schedule to fit your personal energy/focus/motivation levels
  67. Write a TaDa-List 5 days in a row
  68. Finish a small task that you have been pushing off for a long time
  69. Tackle a large/important project
  70. If you have a day without meetings, start working before 6am and finish your ‘working day’ by 12pm // enjoy the afternoon
  71. Get to inbox 0
  72. Set up your inbox for success
  73. Clean your desk
  74. Clean your desktop
  75. Delete unused files on your hard drive
  76. Archive unused files on your cloud drive
  77. Back up important files
  78. [Skills/Learning 📚] Learn the basics of a programming language (SQL; etc.)
  79. Learn the basics of excel
  80. Learn the basics of presentations/slides
  81. Learn the basics of story telling
  82. Learn the basics of writing
  83. Learn the basics of ___________
  84. Learn about physics
  85. Learn about chemistry
  86. Learn about math
  87. Create a collection of your favorite resources
  88. [Creative 🎹] Write down your 3 favorite artists from childhood
  89. Listen to 3 styles of music you usually don’t listen to and learn about the roots of the music
  90. Pick up a new instrument
  91. Practice an instrument or digital instrument for 1 hour (alternative: if you don’t have an instrument, then sing or use your fingers as percussion instrument)
  92. Practice an instrument or digital instrument 5 days in a row
  93. Write/create a song and share it with friends
  94. Play music for 1 hour
  95. Listen to an album from start to finish
  96. Learn something new about your favorite genre of music
  97. Learn about your favorite artist
  98. Take a selfie that you like
  99. Find 3 different pictures that you really like and write why you like them
  100. Take this free photo class
  101. Take 10 different pictures from the same subject/item
  102. Take a short video of yourself explaining a concept
  103. Take a short video of yourself telling a joke
  104. Take a short video of yourself recreating a movie scene
  105. Write a poem/haiku
  106. [Other 🔍] Send me your ideas how to spend time at home 🙂
  107. Take an onlince course
  108. Create an online course

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