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In 2022 I will create 12 projects in 12 months. This is my progress ticker 👇


Name Storming [Micro Course]

  • What: Learn how to come up with great names.
  • When: January 2022
  • Notes: Google Sheets template + video course about the Name Storming creativity technique.
Name Storming 🌩
This micro-course teaches you how to come up with great names.

Draft Crony

  • What: A micro-Saas helping writers to (a) come up with content ideas and (b) turn content ideas into drafts.
  • When: January 2022
  • Notes: Free user flow. Inspired by Sara Campbell.
Draft Crony
With Draft Crony you beat Writer’s Block and bang out a draft in no time 👇

The 80/20 of Notion Organization [Video Course]

  • What: Video walkthrough of how to build databases in Notion
  • When: January 2022
  • Notes: Quick recording after building the Content Marketing Engine product.
The 80/20 of Notion Organization
Limited Offer: ✨ Get this Course for Free ✨This is a 2-hour walk-through of building a Notion database template with P.A.R.A. method 🙌I am sharing my Notion screen as I’m doing the following:📊 Explain the basic building blocks of Notion🚧 Building a relational database from scratch🗄 Creating a da…

Content Marketing Engine [Notion Template]

  • What: Building a Content Management System for Notion (+ Super)
  • When: January 2022
  • Notes: Hard pivot from my initial idea (pdf invoice creation from Stripe transactions). Switched due to existing demand.
Content Marketing Engine: Notion + Super Content Marketing Template
Most businesses want a successful content marketing funnel but struggle to follow through. That’s why I built an all-in-one Notion template to:📚 Collect Resources: Find the signal in all the noise.💡 Synthesize Ideas: Come up with building blocks for essays.✍️ Write Drafts: Structure and create pos…

Documentation: The 80/20 of Remote Team Leadership (2021)

  • What: Wrote an email-based course (EBC) about internal communication
  • When: May 2021 - November 2021
  • Notes: This was honestly some of the most difficult work I've done in my life. Synthesizing knowledge and making it digestible ain't easy.
Documentation: The 80/20 of Remote Leadership
Enable your team for asynchronous work. Build your scalable documentation according to 2021 best practices.


Atitlan EP

  • What: Produced a music album.
  • When: March 2020 - January 2021
  • Notes: I'm extremely proud of this project.