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Target Customer: Who Is Your Audience?

The business of a brand is to create value for the customer. Understand them and build for them.
Target Customer: Who Is Your Audience?

I am writing this for you.

This is how I imagine you:

  • You are interested in branding
  • You are busy and want snackable insights
  • You prefer specificity over fluff

This image makes it easier for me to write.

Brands can use a similar approach.

Let's Talk, You and I

A target customer is like a conversation partner.

It is a person that you are adressing with your brand communication and with your  product/service.

Why does it help to have a clear understanding of your target customer?

  • Understand Values: What is important? What is verboten?
  • Understand Preferences: What do they like? What not?
  • Understand Behaviors: Where do we meet?
  • Understand Needs: What are their jobs-to-be-done?

The better you know someone, the easier it is to interact with them.

The same applies for target customers.

Customer First. Brand Follows.

The business of a brand is to create value for the customer.

Start with your target customer.

Understand them. Service them. Listent to them.

Easy as that.

Bottomline: Build for Your Target Customer

Once you have a set of customers that look alike you start looking for the smallest common denominator:

  • Demographic: Age; Sex; Income; Location; ...
  • Psychographic: Values; Interests; Lifestyle; ...
  • Behavioral: Habits; Trigger responses; Information sources; ...
  • Geographic: Country; Urban/rural; Language; ...

Specificity helps.

Know your target customer and build for them.


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