Pocket Guide: Business Writing for Startup Founders

guide Feb 18, 2021

Clear writing is important.

Especially if you are running a company.

  • It is faster to read
  • It leaves no room for confusion
  • It makes the next steps obvious

To write more clearly, apply the following:

Active Speech

Don't write "the report was prepared by our sales lead."

Instead, write "Our sales lead prepared the report."

No Redundancies

Don't write "the successful campaign had positive results."

Instead, write "the campaign was successful."


Don't write "we processed a lot of requests in the past few weeks."

Instead write, "from 2/12/2020 - 3/11/2020 we processed 500+ requests."


Don't write without a structure.

Instead, pick a structure (bullets; headlines; etc.) and stick with it.


Don't go from A to Z to B to D.

Instead, go from A to B to C (beginning, middle, end).

Next Steps

Don't leave next steps open for interpretation.

Instead, communicate who (owner), will do what (task), and by when (ETA).

Save time. Show direction. Trigger action.

Write clearly.

Someone helped me with these tips many years ago. I hope it helps you.

If you have feedback, thoughts, or want to get in touch, ping me on twitter.

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